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Dappy Contostavlos on THAT leaked picture of his willy: “It’s all real, I am packing meat”

Dappy Contostavlos on THAT leaked picture of his willy: “It’s all real, I am packing meat”

Dappy Contostavlos has never been a man who lacks confidence. And after we all saw what the N-Dubz singer is hiding in his trousers, we know why he’s so, er, cocky! If that subtle hint isn’t enough to give it away, we'll spell it out – Dappy has a HUGE penis (seriously, don't look at the uncensored pic when your boss is nearby).

We know that Dappy is blessed in the trouser department because his girlfriend and mother of his two children Kaye Vassell uploaded a naked picture of the R&B star on to the Internet for all to see! His appendage is so impressive that many people speculated that the image had been enhanced, but in a new interview with FHM, Dappy swears the pic is all-natural,

“People have said it’s Photoshop, but it’s all real, baby,” Dappy cheekily tells the lad’s mag. “I am packing meat. I saw Chris Brown do it and I just thought, ‘You’ve got a little winklepop.’ Then I saw Ashton Kutcher’s one all poking to the side and I just thought I have to do it. I got the Tropicana and ‘pap pap’. Tropicana should give me a deal for that.”

We’re not quite sure that a naked rap star is quite the image Tropicana would want for their product, but nice try there.

Ladies’ man

As well as coming clean about his private naked photo shoot, the No Regrets singer also reveals his top tips for impressing the girls when he’s got his clothes on.

“I come behind them at the shoulder and whisper, ‘Hello baby’, in their ear. If they don’t like it I just go, ‘Oh sorry, I thought you were someone else,’” he admits. “I couldn’t survive without women. I am with my Baby Mama right now and even though I have cheated on her, I love her to death. I’d be lost without her. And cigarettes… Oh and my fishing rod!”

That’s not a euphemism, Dappy really does like fishing.

The full interview and more pictures appear in his month’s FHM is on sale on Thursday.


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